Proudly presents OhRlyCoin (ORL). Bringing cryptocurrencies, memes and games together!

Fast and secure transactions
OhRlyCoin is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm. Our blockchain provides secure and fast transactions.
Limited Supply
42 million total coins will ever be created. Starting at 100 coins per block reward, block rewards are halved every 210.000 blocks.
Pay wordwide with low fees
Use ORL to send and receive worldwide, with very low fees per transaction. Only 3 confirmations are needed to verify your transaction.

OhRly.net Info

OhRly.net will serve as a platform where you can submit content (virals,memes,art,drawings,..) and get rewarded for it. Sharing and rating content also gets rewarded. OhRly is in the process of migrating to the NEO platform. Expected release Q2 2018.

1. Buy, Mine or Receive ORL
Download one of our wallets and let it syncronize. You can stake, buy or receive ORL from many sources.
2. Go to OhRly.net
Go to and register/login at http://ohrly.net and transfer some ORL coins to your account.
3. Create Content, Rate and Share
Post Art, Memes, Pictures and more. Get rewarded for uploading content or sharing and rating content.
4. Sell or Hold
Sell or Hold your hard earned ORL coins.

OhRlyCoin (ORL)

Specifications & Downloads

Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: PoW
RPC port: 20716
P2P port: 20715
Block reward: 100 coins
Block halving: 210000 blocks
Total coin supply: 42000000 coins
Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
Target spacing: 2 minutes
Target timespan: 6 minutes
Transaction confirmations: 3 blocks

We will transfer to the NEO network in 2018. A tokenswap will be announced.


Coin Supply


ORL Block Reward


Blocks Confirmation


Minutes Block Target

ORL Block Explorer

Explorer for the OhRlyCoin Blockchain.

The block explorer provides an API allowing users and/or applications to retrieve information from the network without the need for a local wallet.

The ORL Block Explorer can be found at http://explorer.ohrly.net

ORL Mining Pool

The official ORL Mining Pool

No Fee
Reward Systems
20% Blockfinder rewards
Worker activity
Full Statistics
Live Dashboard
much more…